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10 de February, 2020by OstapNorth

Tecadi was present at the 6th Technical Meeting on Milk Production, organized by Serbuvet. The event took place at the National Zootechnical Station in Vale de Santarém last Friday, 7 February, and brought together about 210 participants. Tecadi, represented by Mr. Engº Manuel Ortigão, presented the benefits of using ENDULAC CLA and the resulting positive effects, as well as the results of some customers who use it.

Endulac CLA talk by Manuel Ortigão

Endulac CLA is a complementary feed for dairy cows containing fat protected from rumen breakdown and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). CLA is a special form of omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids, preventing diseases and problems connected with the negative energy balance. It can be applied directly on dairy farms but is also suitable for all types of mineral and vitamin premixes and unifeed mixes. The positive effects resulting from the use of CLA are:

  • supports metabolism in early lactation
  • decreases the mobilization of body fat
  • improves fertility
  • reduces delivery interval
  • improves longevity
  • low replacement rate
  • higher and more sustainable milk production
  • more efficiency in milk production

By supporting the cows during the transition phase and the beginning of lactation with Endulac CLA, milk fat is temporarily reduced in a controlled manner to relieve the energy balance at the beginning of lactation. Consequently, the metabolic state stabilizes with improved results throughout the life of the dairy cow.

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5 de June, 2019by OstapNorth

Quando as vacas leiteiras têm acesso a pastagens ou forragem verde, elas ingerem ácido linoleico com benefícios ao nível da produção de leite, da longevidade e da fertilidade. No seminário de hoje, e em parceria com a Cooperativa Agricola de Vila do Conde, reunimos-nos com produtores de leite onde abordámos o conceito e a importância de levar a “Primavera” para dentro das suas explorações.

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